Armadillo Aligns With Studio GOSS for a Fresh LA Flagship Space

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Armadillo Aligns With Studio GOSS for a Fresh LA Flagship Space

The world’s premier Certified B Corporation rug brand, Armadillo, celebrates the completion of their Los Angeles, California flagship and head office that has opened in the heart of the La Cienega Design Quarter. This is the brand’s sixth showroom, conceptualized by Studio GOSS, showcasing a subtle shift towards a more feminine aesthetic in alignment with its women-led ethos.

Welcoming interior of Armadillo's flagship store

Upon entering through the recessed doorway, visitors are greeted by a spacious 3,770-square-foot warehouse tasked to display the brand’s extensive rug collection effectively. The showroom’s design is marked by sophistication and simplicity as curved walls and a 15-foot-high barrel-vaulted ceiling create an inviting, unpretentious space with a sense of luxury. Jodie Fried played a pivotal role in the layout and fine details, ensuring that the curvature of the interior complements the angular nature of the rugs on display.

Drawing inspiration from the understated elegance of high-end fashion ateliers in Paris and Tokyo, the Los Angeles flagship remains faithful to Armadillo’s signature use of materials such as concrete, oak, brass, and blackened steel – applied in some very unique ways. As a Certified B Corp, Armadillo’s commitment to sustainability is evident, with the showroom and three of its other locations powered entirely by renewable energy. They continue to practice what their textiles preach.

Interior shot of Armadillo's spacious showroom with curved walls

Interior of Armadillo's new flagship store

Interior of Armadillo's new flagship store

Close-up of details within Armadillo's LA Showroom

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Photography by Sharyn Cairns.

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