Artefatto Design Studio and the Ever-Present Urge to Evolve

03.26.19 | By
Artefatto Design Studio and the Ever-Present Urge to Evolve

Since being founded in 2016, Artefatto design studio has been headed up by three young designers eager to get their hands dirty. In 2017 they had their standout moment at the Milan Furniture Fair, putting them firmly on the map of the design world. Since then they’ve created great relationships and received many endorsements, so we couldn’t help but be curious about what comes next and what they’ve been creating.

Boundaries continue to be pushed, and simplicity and experimentation stand as hallmarks of Artefatto design studio’s work as they tell stories through texture and form. By exploring new techniques and manufacturing possibilities, their constantly evolving combinations of Italian elegance and English eclecticism make their work timeless yet unexpected.

In January, in collaboration with the local artisans of Grottaglie, Artefatto established a design course with an element in ceramics at a school in Puglia. In early March they held a solo exhibition at Contemporary Cluster in Rome. And in April they will be showing their new range for Secolo at Salone Del Mobile in Milan, where you can expect an immersive combination of unseen forms, luxury materials, and refined finishes.

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