AYANEO AM02 Mini PC Games the System With a Tastefully Retro Design

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AYANEO AM02 Mini PC Games the System With a Tastefully Retro Design

Nostalgia plays a powerful influence upon the realm of technology, a sway visible across the resurgent popularity of “before the internet” devices like the turntable, cassette tapes, early digital cameras, tactile mechanical keyboards, and of course, gaming consoles of the 8-bit and 16-bit era. The AYANEO AM02 Mini PC certainly rates as one such device, a compact personal computer packing in a range of impressive modern days specs paired with design cues linked to the past.

Render of the AM02 mini PC angled across a dark reflective surface with 9:20PM displayed across its touchscreen display.

A convincing homage to the iconic 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (aka the NES) – the North American edition of the original 1983 Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) – AYANEO’s design team includes tactile design details evocative of the original beloved 8-bit console. The mini PC features a push button release and flip front panel design hiding away a USB4 Type-C port, two USB 3.2 Gen2 ports, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The sum is a design sure to evoke a sentimental response amongst gamers of a certain age, but is also contemporary enough to attract the the curiosity of younger PC enthusiasts who might not remember when “blowing on cartridges” or “unplugging and plugging back in” devices were commonly known practices.

Person holding AM02 mini PC angled in both hands with mechanical keyboard stationed nearby to the right.

The AM02 is undeniably inspired by the industrial design of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, but there are also hints of the original Sony Walkman’s functional simplicity and transparency.

Render of AM02 mini PC on dark purple surface near a CRT display.

First and foremost is the AM02’s bright and conspicuous 4-inch touch panel display. The integrated screen displays everything from performance data, personalized screensavers, accessible computer controls like volume and power, or in arguably its most useful mode, as a calendar+clock+weather widget.

AM02 Mini PC on desk with 4" touchscreen displaying 17:57PM time

The AM02 Mini PC could have easily veered into charming but cheap territory, but the small computer is redone with impressive attention to details to keep its design refreshingly contemporary.

AYANEO is offering the retro-themed case packed with everything from a “barebones” Windows 11 and AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS APU system with 16GB of DDR5 RAM and 512GB SSD, upwards to more robust 32GB of memory and 1TB of storage. For retro gaming enthusiasts and PC hobbyists, the system should be more than sufficient for running modern applications and gaming titles.

AM02 mini PC on elevated display platform across desk underneath curved monitor and above dark keyboard and gaming control. Sunlight coming from louvered shades is shining across the desk.

Render of AM02 mini PC with blurred and hazy blue-green background.

AM02 Mini PC system’s pre-orders start at $441, with prices rising incrementally with upgrades to new tiers. Compared to the cute, but subjectively more kitschy Macintosh-inspired AM01, the AM02’s design and specs prove you can revisit the past without being completely defined by it.

To learn more about the AM02 Mini PC, as well as AYANEO’s catalogue, visit

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