The Beast Health B10 Blends Style With Substance

Beast Health arrives as the new kid on the block of appliance startups, but the company’s founder Colin Sapire can claim knowing more than a thing or two about the personal blender category. In fact he helped create it. His previous efforts are responsible for bringing the world the NutriBullet, the appliance most synonymous with the health meals on-the-go lifestyle. Sapire returns with another personal health appliance, this one noticeably upgraded in both form and function: the Beast Health B10 Health Blender.

Noting Millennials and Gen Z have proven to be health conscious generations, the B10 Health Blender arrives swathed in industrial design and branding clearly communicating its intended to appeal to a demographic used to good design as the rule rather than an exception (we’re especially partial to the Pebble Grey version with its mango orange push button).

The B10 Health Blender’s lantern-like design is constructed from extruded, forged and CNC machined aluminum, finished with protective matte powder coated finish; that solid finish and the weight that comes with it imparts the B10 with a premium feel that definitely stands out from its cheaper infomercial competitors. There’s also heft (12lbs) to provide enough downward stabilization while its 1000-watt motor works its magic in either pulse or blend mode, blades capable of spinning at 18,000 rpm for cavitation to transform ingredients from solids into a liquid state (if you want to know more about what exactly happens within a blender, this video illustrates the process in dramatic slo-motion).

The B10’s most distinguishing design detail – a 12-Rib vessel – may seem purely aesthetic at first glance. But Beast Health notes the shape was an engineered decision, one chosen to optimize the amount of internal turbulence created within the B10 while in blend or pulse mode, resulting in improved blending efficiency compared to a smooth surface interior.

The B10’s double thick vessel paired with a leak-resistant cap design resulted in a seal that securely kept powdered smoothies + hemp milk concoctions, homemade salad dressings and hummus safely contained and easy to pour or spoon out. While there’s only two modes, the B10 is pre-programmed with a minute-long blending cycle that simplified morning smoothies into a 1-button affair.

All Beast Health vessels are BPA and BPS-free for those concerned with chemical leaching into their foods, with additional carry/storage options.

The small size of the B10 makes it ideal for single portion meals or post-workout smoothies, with an assortment of optional accessories which expand upon the portability factor. The compact vessel is also great for preparing condiments like salad dressings, dips or even for quickly pulsing eggs for the fluffiest omelettes in manageable portions.

The Beast Health B10 Blender is available for $138 in either Carbon Black, Pebble Grey or Cloud White, and includes a 1000mL blending vessel, drinking lid with carry cap, storage lid, blender base and B10 blade assembly. There’s also a selection of accessories to expand the base kit, with additional vessels, lids/carrying caps and a cleaning brush for anyone who plans to make the blender lifestyle a daily ritual.

Gregory Han is a Senior Editor at Design Milk. A Los Angeles native with a profound love and curiosity for design, hiking, tide pools, and road trips, a selection of his adventures and musings can be found at