Bee Hive Allows You to Save the Bees From Your Own Backyard

02.26.20 | By
Bee Hive Allows You to Save the Bees From Your Own Backyard

If you’re a fan of saving the bees or just looking to add a new hobby to your repertoire, have a look at this collaboration between Loll Designs and Lake Superior Honey Co. Their take on a classic beehive, which is appropriately named Bee Hive, adds a dose of thoughtful modernism with a cause to your backyard.

After two years of extensive testing, that took into account the needs of bees and beekeepers, the recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene) Bee Hive is ready to go. Supporting performance, usability, and style, there are a lot of fantastic features to make note of. Intuitive ventilation, a lockable flat roof, tall legs for better ergonomics, and a sturdier box for the internal wood frames are a few that you’re likely to notice first. The Bee Hive uses 9⅛” wood frames, has an internal separator to accommodate growing colonies, and its non-porous dense plastic is easy to clean. It’s also weather resistant, features an adjustable door, and has three sliding ventilation bars. Match Loll’s Bee Hive to your outdoor aesthetic with your choice of white, driftwood, blue, green, and orange color options.

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