Best Art Posts of 2014

From stitched artwork to highly intricate installations, we’ve seen some very creative artwork over the past year. Here are your top ten favorites:

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Best Art Posts of 2014

10. Millions Of Pieces: The Sculptures of Tara Donovan
Artist Tara Donovan transforms “ordinary” objects by the thousands into impossible and awe-inspiring formations.

9. A Closer Look at Jeff Koons
We had the rare opportunity to view and photograph Jeff Koons’ two-gallery exhibition up close. A must-see!

8. A Mind-Blowing Art Installation Makes A Statement
A floor painting with a deep message that creates an incredible visual illusion.

7. Music Posters that Explore Swiss Modernism & Punk Rock
Vintage-looking music posters that combine a bit of punk rock with Swiss modernism.

6. Stitching Photographs: Various Approaches
A curated exhibition that explores the approaches of 11 artists who take a needle and thread to photographs.

5. Paint Swatch Installations by Madiha Siraj
Dizzying kaleidoscopes of pixelated colors make up these installations made entirely of paint swatches.

4. Mind Blowing Porcelain Art by Katharine Morling
Life-sized ceramic sculptures that are like 3D drawings.

3. Mind Blowing Porcelain Art by Katharine Morling
Vintage posters of historical parks across America designed to inspire you to travel cross-country.

2. See Life: Layered Wooden Sculptures Inspired by Reefs
These mind-blowing, three-dimensional sculptures are made up of cut wooden pieces that form reef-like compositions.

And the #1 most popular Art post of 2014 is…

1. Carving Paper: The Surprising Sculpture of Li Hongbo
These may look like plaster sculptures, but they’re actually made from stacks of white paper.

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