Bettering Your Health: 5 Small, Pill-Sized Ways to Do Just That

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Bettering Your Health: 5 Small, Pill-Sized Ways to Do Just That

Taking care of ourselves is a huge priority right now due to COVID-19, and while there are so many basic actions you can take (washing your hands being the most basic!), the most simple step takes even less than 20 seconds: taking your vitamins. While a balanced diet is the best way to get all the vitamins you need, it’s not always possible if food items are scarce or you don’t have the time to masterfully plan a week’s worth of meals every single week. Meeting your body’s nutritional needs affords you the strength to take care of your other needs, whether it be physical exercise like running or mental exercise like meditating. Today we’re rounding up five companies that are challenging legacy brands in bettering your health in small (pill-sized, to be exact) ways that make a difference.

1. Hilma
Founded in 2018 by Hilary Quartner, Nina Mullen, and Lily Galef, Hilma was born after the trio found themselves unsatisfied with options available for clean, natural alternatives for the products in their medicine cabinet. They decided to put together a board composed of medical professionals (MDs, PhDs, and herbalists) to create “natural remedies, backed by science.” The brand claims they aren’t a drug, or a vitamin, but a “new standard, the clinical herbal” and offers three products for Immune Support, Upset Stomach Relief, and Tension Relief. Surprisingly, you can pronounce every ingredient in each product because they’re derived from nature, and because Hilma has a zero tolerance policy on unnecessary or harmful ingredients.

2. Ritual
Ritual, founded by Kat Schneider, provides vitamins specifically for women with their three products: Essential for Women, Essential for Women 50+, and Essential Prenatal. These multivitamins aim to bridge the nutritional gaps in a women’s diet and you only need to take two a day. As far as vitamins go, these are pleasant to take since Essential Prenatal is essenced with lemon and Essential for Women 18+ and 50+ is essenced with mint. Ritual also has an advisory board of doctors, nutritionalists, and scientists to ensure what you’re ingesting is safe and effective, and for the extra-inquisitive, you can browse Ritual’s website to find out exactly where each and every ingredient is sourced from.

3. Seed
While Seed is a not a vitamin company, they’re also looking out for your internal health, starting with your gut. Their sole product, the Daily Synbiotic, is both a probiotic and prebiotic that seeks to balance your microbiome, the community of 38 trillion microorganisms living in/on your body that affect the health of your entire body – “from heart to skin to metabolism to gut immune function.” While the science of microbiomes, probiotics, and prebiotics is relatively newer, Seed and its team of scientists and doctors believe the research has a promising future and that taking care of your microbiome is worth investing your time and money in.

4. Care/Of
Nobody is the same and no two bodies are the same, which means as far as vitamins go, what works for one person may not be sufficient enough for another. Care/Of, founded by Akash Shah and Craig Elbert in 2016, fixes that problem with personalized vitamin packs built specifically for your needs through a short five minute quiz that addresses your basics, goals, lifestyle, and values. You can also just choose your own vitamin pack if you already know your needs, or check out their collagen, protein, or “boost” powders to supplement your diet.

5. The Nue Co.
Energy, gut health, immunity, skin, sleep, stress: The Nue Co. wants to help you with all of it. The company has a line of daily vitamins to solve seven issues you may have: regenerate your joints, repair your skin, rebalance your mood, boost your metabolism, build immunity, sleep deeper, and fast-track your dose of vitamin D. You can take a consultation quiz to figure out exactly what you need.

Finally, if you’re someone who is looking to improve their wellness routine but don’t know where to start or are paralyzed by decision fatigue, we leave you with this excellent piece of advice from Hilma co-founder Hilary Quartner:

“When looking for a new brand or product specifically, transparency is incredibly important. You deserve to know about the products you’re buying, particularly if you’re using it to support your health and wellness. You should always be able to understand what is in the products you’re considering, why you need them, how they’re made, and how they work. At Hilma, this is one of our core values and you see that reflected in each of our products and brand experience.”

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