Children’s Bike is Made from 100% Recycled Carpet

This bike is reinventing how children learn to ride a bike and helping the earth, one recycled bike at a time.

wishbone bike recycled edition-1

Wishbone Design Studio created the Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition (RE), which is highly adjustable and grows with a child. It easily converts from a tricycle to small bike to a bigger bike.

wishbone bike recycled edition-5

The Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition (RE) is also made from 100% post-consumer recycled residential nylon carpet – kinda amazing! Used carpet was collected from homeowners across the US, then shaved and shredded. Glass fiber is added to the carpet for strength, then molded into millions of little pellets to be molded again into the bike frame.

wishbone bike recycled edition-2

Each bike diverts 7.5 lbs of used carpet away from landfills, as well as saves 7.5 gallons of oil that would’ve been used in making new plastics.

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