Connecting Flight: Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Luggage

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Connecting Flight: Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Luggage

The experienced traveler knows whenever possible it’s best to strategize, to optimize, and pack everything into a carry-on, avoiding the wait-and-unpredictable-fate of checked-in luggage. But even those with a million frequent flier miles under their belt know there’s always room for improvement in the art of traveling light. Bluesmart might be that awaited upgrade, the first travel luggage designed from the ground up to work in harmony with mobile devices to help solve common concerns related to the goal of traveling efficiently.


Besides the eye-catching blue detailing on the four spinner wheels and handles, Bluesmart’s distinguishing features are mostly hidden from view. But launch a compatible iOS or Android app and the compact luggage reveals a James Bond array of technology – micro-sensors, actuators, and a microcomputer with GPS that communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth.


Bluesmart's developers plan to integrate social and data tracking features summarizing travel patterns.

Bluesmart’s developers plan to integrate social and data tracking features summarizing travel patterns.

For example, pull the bag’s pull handle upward and the Bluesmart will display the total weight via app onto the screen of a compatible iOS or Android device, informing the user whether it’s time to cull their contents or to get ready for an extra baggage fee. Lock and unlock is also handled via app with a TSA approved master key lock, with an integrated proximity sensor designed to keep track of bags both when nearby and also when in-transit, sending out notifications via Bluetooth if/when the Bluesmart leaves a predetermined radius.


Additionally, a built-in battery pack offers up to 6x device charging for two mobile devices at the same time, eliminating the need to pack an extra mobile battery charger. Three layers of polycarbonate and anodized aluminum on the outside protect laptops, tablets, and phones stored within while an ingenious flap design makes accessing or storing laptops and tablets an easy task for TSA security line inspections.


More than 25 million bags are lost or mishandled by airlines every year. With the advent of microcomputers and the Internet of Things we have the opportunity to prevent these problems while providing a smarter option to travelers of the connected generation.

– Bluesmart co-founder Brian Chen


Bluesmart Technologies is planning to release their smart carry-on beginning July 2015, and are seeking funding via Indiegogo.

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