Body Building: Exercise Equipment Re-Imagined into Furniture

05.05.15 | By
Body Building: Exercise Equipment Re-Imagined into Furniture

Alberto Biagetti, of Atelier Biagetti, and Laura Baldassari teamed up on a project called Body Building that might make you look twice at gym equipment. Modern society is pretty obsessed with working out so the pair created a collection of modern, equipment-inspired home furnishings.


Mimicking the shapes of your standard gym equipment, the duo designed playful pieces that reference everyone’s fitness obsession. For example, they turned traditional gymnastics rings into pendant lights, a basketball or volleyball court becomes a leather carpet, and the pommel horse is now a living room bench. These pieces might just make you run back to the gym or completely avoid it all together.


During Salone, they displayed the pieces in a curated exhibition by Maria Cristina Didero.






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