The Bowlus Returns as the Ultimate Road Trip and Live/Work Trailer

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The Bowlus Returns as the Ultimate Road Trip and Live/Work Trailer

With an aerodynamic carapace, the Bowlus first captivated the public in 1934 as a futuristic example of form in harmony with function, promising early automobile travelers a way to experience America’s highways from the comforts of their own accommodations – the first aluminum riveted travel trailer that in time would inspire other streamline trailers like the iconic Airstream (more about its history here). The Bowlus has returned, just in time when many of us are itching to return out into the world to enjoy the great outdoors, this time outfitted with all the contemporary technologies and accoutrements a modern day traveler would hope for.

The newly appointed Bowlus is sedately luxurious from an aesthetic perspective, keeping attuned with an interior that says “modern cabin” more than “fancy hotel”. The features and finishes are beautifully appointed, with an earthen and warm color palette complementing the wood panel interior, but the update has thankfully kept the interior well suited for on-the-road adventuring.

A peek inside the Bowlus Terra Firma Limited Edition interior, including a space saving pull-out pet feed station.

With heated floors, a lithium battery power management system, and a layout designed to serve live-work duties – including the first charging stations/router/wifi amplifier for personal technology – the modern day Bowlus is ready for an off-grid adventure…with the option to check-in with work.

The galley is outfitted with a 2 burner Italian cooktop, stainless steel sink with water filtration, fridge and freezer, and microwave.

Available in three models – the Terra Firma, Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition, and Bowlus Endless Highways Edition – it’s the $265,000 Terra Firma that features the most luxurious of specifications. With sleeping, dining and living accommodations for four within its 26′ length cabin, the most expensive models include a HEPA Filter with UVC and water filtration system, air conditioning, LED interior lighting throughout, linen bedding with upholstered headboards, alongside a chrome and teak appointed bathroom.

The view from the kitchen into the living/dining space within the Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition.

The Terra Firma edition also includes what is described as an integrated Bluetooth brake controller, a triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer engineered to keep braking and reliable when attached to a tow vehicle, with vehicle-specific memory profiles that can remember whether you’ve attached a Tesla Model X, Porsche or any other tow-ready vehicle.

As noted, the premium edition Bowlus Terra Firma starts at $265,000, with the Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition starting at $225,000, and the Bowlus Endless Highways Edition – the lightest edition and best pairing for almost any crossover or SUV, and EVs – priced at $190,000. Additional information at All we know is we’d be more than pleased traveling in any of these three editions with the open road as an invitation back into the world.

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