Bracket Stool by Pierre Guibert

Bracket Stool is a minimalist design created by Berlin-based designer Pierre Guibert. The conception of the design came from a need for a well designed, comfortable, high stool that is both easy to manufacturer and cost effective. The end-result is a design that showcases the capabilities of CNC machining within furniture production.


The designer, who recently graduated as an architect, has a strong sense for materials – mainly cardboard. He wanted to create a design that can be easily replicated anywhere in the world, with a basic material. Standard 24mm birch plywood would eventually become the canvas for the stool design, and a CNC router with basic tools, such as sandpaper, glue, and clamps, would be able to complete its construction.

Even if the Bracket Stool cannot be produced on site, the product can be flat-packed for convenient shipping and assembly. With a focus on traditional joinery, the stool utilizes groove-tongue hinges in order to simplify assembly without sacrificing stability. As a result, the stool is an aesthetic piece that is both light and saves on material.







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