Bringing Spring Indoors With the Tulip Lamp by Pierre Cabrera

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Bringing Spring Indoors With the Tulip Lamp by Pierre Cabrera

Designed by Pierre Cabrera, the Tulip Lamp has been recreated into a pendant version that brings a natural warmth for cozy spaces. The pendant is available in two sizes (Tulip30 and Tulip40) and styles, including a full-grain, mineral-tanned aniline leather version created in collaboration with leather goods designer Amalvi Pimenta. Each one is made by hand and uses LG Hausys’ HI-MACS® natural acrylic stone, a durable material with a unique feel and finish.

The Tulip lamp fills the room with a soft, diffused glow, made possible because of its material.

This lamp is in line with the desired aesthetics, while diffusing light gently and delicately through any room. The thermoformability of the HI-MACS® material opens up unlimited possibilities for spatial and sculptural transformation, as well as a wide variety of finishes. All of these benefits assisted me throughout the creative process and are a source of daily inspiration.

– Pierre Cabrera

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Photos by Pierre Cabrera.

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