Brown and Coconut Makes Plant-Based Skincare That’s Good for You + Planet

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Brown and Coconut Makes Plant-Based Skincare That’s Good for You + Planet

With the pandemic lockdown continuing indefinitely, self care is more important than ever to help keep our mind and body in a positive space. Taking care of your skin is one of the best ways to make yourself feel better as it takes just a few minutes and you immediately feel the benefits of it. When you find skincare brands that use minimal, plant-based ingredients, it adds to the good feeling because you know they’ll leave your skin happy and healthy. Brown and Coconut is one of those brands.

The Boston-based brand was founded by sisters Letisha and Zeena Brown who set out on a journey to live a more conscious, holistic life with a focus on healing their skin issues. The process was costly and ineffective which led them to develop their own line of products. After much research and experimentation, the sisters began making their own plant-based formulas which resulted in their vegan and cruelty-free line that’s made for all skin types.

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Letisha and Zeena Brown, founders of Brown and Coconut

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