Bruno: The Smart Kitchen Trashcan Reminds You When to Take Out the Trash

05.20.15 | By
Bruno: The Smart Kitchen Trashcan Reminds You When to Take Out the Trash
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Trashcans are a funny product. There’s at least one occupying a space in each of our households, they’re generally something you want to keep out of sight, and otherwise something we don’t ever want to think about until the need to replace one arises. But the Bruno trashcan warrants newfound attention, as it isn’t just a waste receptacle with a foot press lid or even motion detection opening/closing, but an app-connected smart device with a handy vacuum feature built into its base.

Proving that in due time every single item in our household will be connected to our phones and/or home network, the Bruno flexes its smart device credentials via an iOS and Android app, pushing out reminders to reorder/buy new trash bags and even even put out the trash on trash day. Its features are hidden inside a minimal all-white neutral design, which reflects a tech device aesthetic versus the brushed stainless steel which pervades almost everything now in the American kitchen (with four other colors to complement a variety of interior spaces).


The Bruno also opens its stainless steel motion-detecting lid automatically at the wave of a hand for hygienic, no-mess use, with an integrated trash bag replacement receptacle under the lid (compatible with their own brand of bags, but also standard 13-gallon brands). But the best feature for kitchen maintenance is the integrated vacuum at the base of the trash bin; sweep dust, debris, and pet hair right into the trash can, an idea already available for baseboards, but perhaps even better installed right into where household eventually ends up anyway. A filtration system keeps content odors from mucking up the smell of the kitchen too, and despite its slew of wireless, automatic, and clean-up features, operates without dangling cords or cables thanks to an 18-volt battery good for a month’s use on a single charge.


Bruno is currently in Kickstarter mode, already exceeding its goal with 20+ days to go and pegged to ship November this year. It seems more than reasonable to expect even our trashcans will evolve into connected devices, but at least this one makes sweeping up a little less laborious even when it’s not nagging you to take out the trash via push notification.

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