Build Brand Awareness With Squarespace Email Campaigns

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Build Brand Awareness With Squarespace Email Campaigns

There’s no better way to build and sustain the community around your brand than by using email. Squarespace makes growing and serving that audience easier than ever with its fully integrated Squarespace Email Campaigns.

Squarespace has all the tools you’ll need to make email campaigns a vibrant, community-building, money-making part of your brand’s digital life. Unlike your social media following, you own your email list. And with Squarespace’s help, it can become one of your brand’s most valued assets.

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If email campaigns sound like one more huge to-do they shouldn’t, at least not with Squarespace’s fully integrated campaign-building tools. They make it super easy to create emails that share your site’s existing visual identity, even seamlessly integrating your brand’s colors and logo, without having to start from scratch. You’ve already invested time and money into your brand identity — now, it’s simpler than ever to apply all that work to your new email campaigns.

Squarespace’s Email Campaigns are easy. Choose from a selection of beautifully designed email templates – and with the click of a button, apply your site’s style and logo to your email. This makes it easy to build brand awareness by showing up consistently across all marketing touchpoints.

Squarespace templates are organized by goal, whether you want to promote a one-day sale or advertise a new class, there’s a template for you. That means that most of the hard work is already done. For future emails, you can easily reuse and modify past drafts for added convenience. Additionally you can pull in recent blog posts and products directly from your site. It’s a time-saving benefit of Squarespace’s all-in-one platform.

Of course, if you’d prefer to skip templates and start with a blank canvas, that’s great, too. Squarespace’s emails have all the flexibility you could want.

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Squarespace will ensure that your audience is given every opportunity to join your email list. That means that it’s equally straightforward when you want to add beautifully designed (and elegantly integrated) sign-ups to your site. Gone are any concerns that your email provider’s pop-ups don’t play well with your site’s code – with Squarespace, that integration is completely built-in. Set up a welcome series so users get a beautifully designed introduction to your business when they sign up for your mailing list. This is your opportunity to introduce your brand and tell a compelling story when subscribers are most interested in learning more about you.

And you’ll be able to accomplish it all completely within the Squarespace universe. No need to learn a new tool, set up complicated sign-up relays, or any of the assorted tasks that come with integrating a different (and often costly) email provider.

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Email Campaigns can increase your sales revenue, but they’re not just a money-making tactic. They can also help you build a connection with your audience thanks to Squarespace’s in-depth analytics and audience management tool. With these tools, you’ll be able to segment your audience based on their actions using the Profiles tool, ensuring that the most relevant content gets to the members of your community who are most likely to engage with it and benefit from it. For example, you might want to send a discount to email subscribers who have never made a purchase from you to incentivize them to shop, or alternatively, to your most loyal customers to thank them for supporting your business.

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Email really is the future: a digital marketing tactic that will pay dividends in the years to come, bolstering your sales and building your community. With their email marketing tools, Squarespace makes that job simpler, faster, and with a clear return on investment. Additionally, Squarespace Email Campaigns offers three free sends, so you can try it today out without paying anything.

If you’re ready to share your own vision with the world, or building a new brand, take the first step today with Squarespace. Start your free two week trial and use coupon code DESIGNMILK when you’re ready to get 10% off your first domain.


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