BuzziSpace’s Lighting Brightens Spaces While Dampening Noise

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BuzziSpace’s Lighting Brightens Spaces While Dampening Noise

Belgian furniture, lighting, and acoustic company BuzziSpace has a new collection of acoustic lighting that addresses a problem common to spaces where work and people – and the noise they bring with them – often intersect. Comprising three lighting solutions, BuzziPebl, BuzziBurner, and BuzziSurf, each lighting design incorporates contemporary, decorative elements with the bonus of integrated voluminous, sound-absorbing materials to hush down echoes and excessive noise.

Cafe setting with three lime hued BuzziPebl sconces on wall and five round light yellow BuzziSurf pendant lights overhead with a faux grass lined wall in the background.

Announced ahead of Milan Design Week, the range of acoustic solutions are expressed colorfully with warmly amorphous shapes that align with the chubby-blobby decor trend that continues to infiltrate workspaces, hospitality, and of course, the home.

BuzziPebl Light decorative, acoustic wall sconce shown in staged white wall setting with yellow rug, stool, and house plant.

The first is the BuzziPebl Light, an acoustic wall sconce inspired by its abbreviated namesake. The sconce illuminates with indirect accent lighting with an LED light strip out of view, while its flattened cushioned form operates as an acoustic absorbing surface. The design allows a great deal of flexibility in position and application, capable of being ceiling-mounted, ceiling-suspended, or wall-mounted.

BuzziPebl Light decorative, acoustic wall sconce in blue.

BuzziBurner dimmable LED pendant shade light illuminating yellow armchair on yellow rug with shadow silhouette of a person walking from left while on the phone.

If you’re of a certain age, the concept behind the BuzziBurner’s sound dampening shape and volume might remind you of another cone of silence solution for noise mitigation. Taking a cue from the shape of an engine burner, the BuzziBurner’s significantly upholstered foam body shade offers intimate downward dimmable LED lighting, while also improving acoustic privacy.

BuzziBurner dimmable LED pendant shade light illuminating small wrap around acoustic panel standing desk for privacy.

And lastly is the BuzziSurf, an acoustic pendant light with an elongated surfboard-like design alongside the option for smaller rounded and oblong shaped lights. Whether situated singularly or in multitudes, the BuzziSurf’s cozy-cushioned shade design delivers a graphic splash of color overhead while also softening sound that often echoes within wide open work or public spaces with hard surfaces.

BuzziSurf acoustic pendant light shown in all two elongated oblong options and one round one, each outfitted with globe bulbs.

We’d be curious to see the effects of these pendant lights within a WFH office setting, where noise reduction ratings have become a concern of the average layperson hoping to establish an optimal Zoom-compatible workspace. The brand offers a helpful, free downloadable BuzziSpace RT60 v3.0 app for iOS designed to measure the reverberation time to measure room acoustics, a useful tool in determining before and after efficacy of any effort to soften the presence of unwanted noise, whether at work or at home.

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