Caramel by Yasmin Muller

Artist Yasmin Müller’s newest exhibition, Caramel, is currently at display at Cruise & Callas in Berlin. The five black metal objects were arranged to initially confronting the viewer with a cold aesthetic and repelling strength. While they are reminiscent of furniture, the functionality has been stripped away and it’s impossible to sit on them. By doing so, the objects outgrow their original function and develop further from their original form, transforming into an individualized subject.


These sculptural works were created out of an intense exchange with her muse, Zora. Starting off with photographs of Zora, Müller then used Zora as an object, by placing her and painting on her body. By doing so, her muse lost her own will, proving interesting questions about their work.

From the artist:
“How much does one project into the other? To what extent does one use and take possession of the other?”

These questions are then inscribed into her steel works, the Y, M, and Z shaped bars (Müller’s and Zora’s initials) become their main construction parts which are inseparably and intertwined at the base.







Caramel is on display from March 1 until April 12, 2014.

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