Charlotte Kidger Creates an Iconic Window Display for Browns Fashion

09.09.20 | By
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Maker Charlotte Kidger has teamed up with Browns Fashion to produce an artistic window display for their flagship South Molton Street store in London. The theme is ‘Iconic Accessories’ that Kidger played out by creating a colorful landscape of sculptural pieces that she’s known for.

To my pleasant surprise, the first column was one of my favorite pieces to de-mold. The colors had merged together like a watercolor painting and the depth of texture was something I had never created before.

Photo: Browns Fashion

Kidger was tasked with filling six windows, the only requests being various levels to display the accessories, and a rough match to the products’ color palettes. Using her signature mix of PU foam dust that’s been collected from CNC factories in and around London, and hand-dyed resin, she brought 19 sculptures to life. The largest measures 1.2 meters high and 40cm in diameter. With their Greek ruins-like appearance, the corrugated textures are a great fit with the ‘Iconic Accessories’ theme.

Photo: Browns Fashion

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