Chord Is a Modular Sofa System With a Quilted Supergraphic Topper

02.10.22 | By
Chord Is a Modular Sofa System With a Quilted Supergraphic Topper

Chord is a modular sofa system designed by Canada-based brand Part & Whole. Manufactured in Canada, the sofa is defined by its supergraphic topper and configurability based on a system comprising only three modules.

The simplicity of the three modules, which includes an ottoman, corner, and chair section, allow for the possibility of unexpected configurations and arrangements. Steel and rubber connector hardware are used alongside FSC certified plywood supplemented by multi-density foam seat cushions and removable covers.

As described by Part & Whole, “Chord draws on inspiration from the low lounge sofas of the 1970s, but with a modern approach to comfort and construction. A multi-density foam seat provides a plush, but springy feel, while an internal wedge cleverly disguises lumbar support within a vertical back rest. The entire product is designed, developed and produced in Canada.”

Part & Whole turned to digital artist Robin Barnes to showcase the endless possibilities of the system. The interior styling combines classic design from multiple eras mixed with found objects and personal effects. The goal was to illustrate how old and new can fit alongside each other and combine to create something wholly contemporary.

Photos by Guy Ferguson.

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