Christoffer Relander’s Jarred & Displaced Finnish Landscapes

01.23.17 | By
Christoffer Relander’s Jarred & Displaced Finnish Landscapes

With memories of his childhood on his mind, Finnish photographer Christoffer Relander spent the better part of a year photographing the place where he grew up, the Finnish countryside. Instead of getting the results in Photoshop, he experimented with analog multiple exposures in-camera while shooting with medium format film. It appears that he photographs glass jars painted black and layers that negative with a landscape negative (hence the analog double exposure) to result in haunting black and white images called Jarred & Displaced. It’s almost like he’s capturing the landscape’s soul in a jar (which makes me think of the song ‘Soul in a Jar‘ by The Veldt). Once the image is achieved, he prints museum quality pigment prints that he sells in limited editions.

Anders Lönnfeldt captured the process here:

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