Cinch Minimalist Chair by Box Clever and French Furniture

08.23.18 | By
Cinch Minimalist Chair by Box Clever and French Furniture

Cinch is a minimalist chair designed by San Francisco-based studio Box Clever and Melbourne-based French Furniture. The chair was designed specifically to be shipped flat, and can be assembled and disassembled without tools. Its most notable feature is the belt element that secures the assembled chair.

The chair consists of eight components and can be easily assembled in four steps. The user first connects the legs onto the cross brace. Once completed, the seat can be attached and locked into the cross brace. The backrest pins onto the leg uprights, and the belt cinches around the legs to keep the components firmly in place.

The chair comes in two variations, natural and black, with the natural variation being made of sustainably forested American white oak, while the black variation uses reclaimed merbau, which is then hand finished and stained with a black protective coat.

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