City-Inspired Sculptures by Rodger Stevens

Rodger Stevens is an artist and sculptor that creates epic sculptures out of many different materials including steel, wire, and iron. Born and bred in New York, Stevens garners inspiration from his surroundings – even very ordinary architectural pieces like scaffolding, fire hydrants, mailboxes, or even manhole covers.



It’s at night when new ideas strike. At the the end of the day in bed, Stevens begins to visualize his next project. He thinks about how it translates sculpturally, maps it out in his head, and then physically works it out until it’s done. “I get really anxious to get it done, and I pretty much am just fabricating what I already made in my head completely. I’m not even watching what I’m doing, I just have to get it out, and follow the blueprint that I have in my head, as closely as I can.”








His sculptures, installations, and drawings have been exhibited in galleries and museums in New York, California, and Paris.

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