Clever Ep. 150: Design Milk Founder Jaime Derringer

07.06.21 | By
Clever Ep. 150: Design Milk Founder Jaime Derringer

To celebrate Design Milk’s 15th anniversary (which is officially today!), Design Milk founder and Clever co-creator Jaime Derringer took to the mic with Clever host Amy Devers. Jaime grew up in New Jersey, fiercely independent with an artistic streak, drawing inspiration from her quirky Nana. During college, she fell in love with Japanese and Asian culture, which still influences the artwork she does today, ranging from digital art to painting to tufted art. After college, she worked in project management, having a natural skill for coordinating and love for new challenges. In 2006, she founded Design Milk, a website featuring all things art and design that she loved. Now, 15 years later, Design Milk has expanded into a Shop, wide-reaching social media presence, and a growing team. In 2019, Jaime sold Design Milk to AHALife, remaining involved as CCO. She is a vibrant leader, brilliant artist, and a wonderful mom, friend and wife. Her years of following her own artistic streak have certainly paid off. Listen:

Design Milk logo evolution

Design Milk screenshot from 2009

First Milk Stand at ICFF, 2015

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