CLIQUE Launches Their 2nd Collection of Small Objects

Remember CLIQUE? They’re a design brand that launched their inaugural collection of goods at last year’s Milan Design Week with designers Filippo Protasoni and Claudio Larcher at the helm. They focus on stylish home furnishings with electronic components, merging Italian craftsmanship with user-friendly technology that’s perfect for everyday life. This year’s collection scales back in size featuring smaller objects made from white Carrara marble, each with a technological appliance within it. The designers worked with T&D Robotics to make the collection happen. Take a look.

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CLIQUE Launches Their 2nd Collection of Small Objects
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COULISSE, by Filippo Protasoni, is a suspended bluetooth speaker with a hanging wire that can be adjusted to change the height of the speaker. In Carrara marble and customized fabric.


Also by Filippo Protasoni, ASOLA is a table lamp with indirect light tat comes with a USB port for charging smartphones, tablets, and other devices. In Carrara marble.


CHICHERA, another by Filippo Protasoni, is a charging station for smartphones and tablets. The charging part can be moved away from the base and repositioned. In Carrara marble and cork.


DIN, by Claudio Larcher, is a digital clock that displays time with the help of the marble’s transparency. The clock sits on a tray that can hold objects. In Carrara marble and cork.



By Claudio Larcher, JOY is a charger and holder for the Playstation and Xbox joypad. In Carrara marble.


Another by Claudio Larcher, APOLLO is a dome to disguise your unsightly wifi modem while also reducing the electromagnetic waves that a modern disperses. In Carrara marble, beech wood, and cork.


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