A Collection That’s Composed from the Structure of a Poem

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A Collection That’s Composed from the Structure of a Poem
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Design studio Peca is based in Guadalajara, Mexico, but their spirit lies in the details. Peca often welcomes collaborations with local artisans as well as select designers on their furniture, accessories, and interior design projects, resulting in a catalogue full of tradition as well as innovation.

Since 2007 head designer and studio director Caterina Moretti has added her own flavor with her abilities to work with natural materials, explore texture and form, and bring nature indoors in unexpected ways.

Their most recent collection was created by experts in traditional Mexican materials and techniques, and is composed from the structure of a poem – Verso, Rima y Pausa.

The first of three pieces that comprise the family, RIMA is inspired by the cadence of a poem. The oval base of the handmade credenza is covered in repeating beech wood slats to form an elegant texture and give a feel of harmony and balance to the overall piece.

The second piece – the VERSO table – is also constructed from beech wood, which is really allowed to shine. The organic feel of the design begins with the two intersecting pieces of the base, and as your eye is drawn upward the beauty of the piece’s assembly becomes all the more apparent.

The third part of the collection is a set of three dividers and paperweights going by the name PAUSA. PAUSA has three identical pieces made from different materials – onyx, brass, and beech wood. Each varies in weight and texture, as well as temperature.

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