Color-Coded Spaces Help Employees Way-Find at the Relaxound Office

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Color-Coded Spaces Help Employees Way-Find at the Relaxound Office

Gone are the days of boring beige offices with headache-inducing fluorescent lights and claustrophobic cubicles. The modern office embraces color, comfort, and connection – something exemplified by the new Relaxound office in Berlin, Germany, designed by Ester Bruzkus Architekten. “We love spaces within spaces, the blurring of inside and outside, unconventional color combinations, and material contrasts,” says Ester Bruzkus, Partner at Ester Bruzkus Architekten.

first floor of a modern office filled with modern furnishings

Relaxound specializes in products that enhance their physical environments with soothing, natural sounds. But it is important that the company’s office embrace this relaxed work ethos, so distinct spaces – for work and for play – are integrated into the floor plan fostering a cheerful atmosphere conducive to productivity and well-being.

space under a mezzanine in an office

space under a mezzanine in an office

Inside this double-height office, a new mezzanine was perpendicularly constructed over the existing structure to create small work rooms with sliding doors to be used for heads-down work or small group collaborations. These rooms are situated away from the windows to take advantage of a darker and cozier space further distinguished by a calming, mid-tone blue.

architectural wood details of office

The exposed wood beams, MDF, and steel reveal an interlocking system of walls and doors for the small refuge rooms.

privacy room in modern office

Rooms are often separated by layers of MDF wood, and the acoustics are dampened by sound-absorbing materials like fabrics, felt, and open cell aluminum.

A built-in lounge space doubles as a showroom of Relaxound products and an area for workers to continue their focused tasks in a relaxed setting. “The design of Relaxound’s workspace is intended to address why employees would want to come to their office at all,” Peter Greenberg, Partner at Ester Bruzkus Architekten, says.

blue built-in lounge space with products on shelves

blue built-in lounge space with products on shelves

private rooms in modern office

private rooms in modern office

double height office with modern sofas

The areas closer to the windows are more vibrant and drenched in natural sunlight, ideal for socializing and collaboration. In contrast, the blue hue marks the studio areas while pastel green designates the social spaces.

modern office with yellow area rug and contemporary seating

The social area is modern and comfortable with a Bob Home sofa by Blå Station, two Babette armchairs by Sofa Company, and a Slit side table by HAY that adds a metallic touch. A Candy Wrapper classic rug by Nomad grounds the space.

modern office with yellow area rug and pastel green staircase

Ada Planters by Llot Llov can be found in multiple areas within the office.

pastel green staircase

entrance to seating area with curtained wall

sitting area with beige and blue seating

A Captain Flint floor lamp by Flos lives within the lounge area with repeated furnishings.

Working in a relaxed way is part of the brand, so its not just desks and meeting rooms – but also lounges and dining areas and informal settings.

– Ester Bruzkus, Partner at Ester Bruzkus Architekten

office kitchen

The group kitchen is clad in repeat materials and colors.

second floor of modern office

The transition between blue and green colors indicates the change in environment.

second floor of modern office looking down into a lounge space

private room with glass doors

restroom clad in steel

Even the restroom operates as a showcase of Relaxound’s Zwitscherboxes. Clad in stainless steel, the tiled space chirps with bird songs as depicted by the feathery Uccelli wallpaper by Cole&Son. A Roly Poly chair by Driade provides another pop of color.

yellow chair in restroom

restroom with shelves of house-shaped products

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