Colorful and Abstract Patterned Wallcoverings by Leigh Bagley x Newmor

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Colorful and Abstract Patterned Wallcoverings by Leigh Bagley x Newmor

You may recognize this design by Leigh Bagley from 2018 when he created the May feature for our Designer Desktop column. If you loved the design as much as we did, you’ll be happy to know that it, along with several other designs, is also offered as a wallcovering by Newmor Wallcovering.

Designer Desktop, May 2018

Used as wallcoverings or window film, these designs instantly brighten up a space with their colors and abstract patterns. Originally created as a commission for the NHS Scotland, Leigh shares,

This project underpinned the importance of colorful wall treatments in Healthcare. Good design and expressive approaches to color and pattern have the power to create interior focal points which distract us from everyday life. Healthcare environments should encourage and support wellness. Hospitals should be no different to a luxury hotel, art gallery or wellness centre where you go to recharge and replenish. Inspirational spaces where you can escape. I would love to see this project recognized for its forward thinking approach and its contribution to benchmarking future spaces designed for healthcare.

White and glass wall office conference room with a long table and brown chairs standing near it. Concept of communication. 3d rendering mock up

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