Corals by Robert Bronwasser for Palau

We all know that the modern office is changed drastically from what it used to be. Whether it’s an open office plan, a co-op, or satellite offices, most offices are in a constant change of flux. Robert Bronwasser aimed to solve that problem by designed CORALS, modular office furniture.


Created for furniture brand Palau, CORALS is an intelligent and sustainable modular seating system that grows with you. First, it begins with a smart aluminum base that forms the literal backbone. From there, different pieces and sections can be added or removed— whether it’s the backrest, a table, etc. Pieces can constantly be mixed and match to fit different aesthetics and needs. Moreover, the aluminum acts as a cable conduit, making it easy to install lighting or power socket without visible cables.

Corals, Robert Bronwasser for Palau (3)



Even better, the system encourages recycling and sustainability, which is essentially to them as a brand. When a component is damaged, then only that needs to be replaced, rather than replacing a whole sofa when only a certain part is damaged.



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Corals, Robert Bronwasser for Palau (4)

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