Countless Scraps – Amazing Sculpture by Leonardo Drew

09.19.12 | By
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Leonardo Drew’s curse-worthy sculpture (It’s true! While taking these photographs I heard three different visitors swear in amazement when they entered) is on view at Sikkema Jenkins Gallery in New York. Using thousands of wood scraps, he has assembled multiple towering wall pieces with a monstrous wall that snakes through all four rooms of the gallery. A few select pieces are below in order of display.

Number 161, 2012 (as seen from the first step in the gallery)

Number 158, 2012.

Number 158, 2012 (detail)

Number 162, 2012

Number 162, 2012 (detail)

Number 159, 2012

Number 159, 2012 (detail)

Number 161, 2012 (continued)

Number 161, 2012 (continued)

Number 155 and Number 153, both 2012

Number 153, 2012 (detail)

Number 158, 2012 (This relatively small one, 24 x 24, is my favorite)

Number 161, 2012 (continued)

Number 161, 2012 (continued)

Number 163, 2012

Number 163, 2012 (detail)

What: Recent sculpture by Leonardo Drew
Where: Sikkema Jenkins Gallery, 530 West 22nd St, New York, NY
When: September 6 – October 12, 2012

All photographs by David Behringer.

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