The Courant Catch Recharges Phones Faster, Fashionably

08.15.18 | By
The Courant Catch Recharges Phones Faster, Fashionably

It’s funny how fast cables become passé and inconvenient once you get used to placing your phone onto a charger instead of having to plug it in. But wireless chargers still have an Achille’s heel: charging speed. Brooklyn, New York startup Courant is attempting to narrow and exceed the speed gap – and rather stylishly – with two chargers outfitted with higher-wattage ratings wrapped in the textural luxury of genuine Italian pebble grain leather.

Available in two models, the smaller $80 Catch:1 and larger $175 Catch:3 (where did the 2 go?), both Qi-Certified Fast Wireless Charging platforms are made of matte aluminum base and handsomely wrapped in Italian leather. The chargers are designed to scale for speeds dependent upon the device placed upon it, with 5W/7.5W/10W fast wireless charging available. The smaller Catch:1 seems ideal for a nightstand or smaller side table for overnight charging duties, while we imagine the Catch:3 as a desk or landing pad for keeping a wallet, keys, watch, and other smaller accessories dependably always in the same place while the phone is being charged.

Available in three colors – Ash, Black, and Bone – the pair of Courant Catch devices joins an ever-growing number of aesthetically pleasing charging solutions, eliminating the need for Lightning or USB cables.

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