Create Your Perfect Custom Notebook or Planner by ana tomy

03.05.20 | By
Create Your Perfect Custom Notebook or Planner by ana tomy

Ask any creative and they’ll most likely tell you that their favorite tool of the trade is a well-designed notebook. It’s portable, easy to use, and affordable. Ana tomy is making the beloved notebook even better with their Classic Edition customizable version – it allows you to choose from inserts and accessories that make it work best for how you use it. Make yours a notebook, planner, sketchbook, social media planner, and more! You also get to choose from their gorgeous cover options.

In other news, the Classic Edition notebook is designed to be environmentally friendly in a number of ways. Ana tomy only uses Forestry Stewardship Council certified suppliers to source their paper, and all planner inserts are open-dated to avoid paper waste. Each notebook is made-to-order, eliminating the disposal of unsellable products, and all covers are reusable with replaceable inserts. They even thought through the packaging, which can be reversed and used as an archival box for the previous year’s inserts rather than thrown in the trash.

For 2020 ana tomy has so far released a vibrant monochromatic series as well as two art collaborations, with Don Fisher and Janice Sung respectively. Promoting creativity is definitely this brand’s strong suit!

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