F5: Learn What Cristina Casanas-Judd Values Most About Human Connection

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F5: Learn What Cristina Casanas-Judd Values Most About Human Connection

Cristina Casanas-Judd

Formerly a Set Decorator for feature film and TV, Cristina Casanas-Judd began her career on the hit series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy working alongside Thom Felicia. Almost nine years to the day, Cristina left the industry. It was for a good reason – to become co-founder with her husband, General Judd, of Me and General Design, a full-service architectural interior design studio based in Brooklyn. Cristina is fascinated with the human experience and how lives are transformed and elevated through design. With origins from Chile, her design ethos is rooted in minimal essentialism, layered with rich hues and textures offset with contrasting patterns and colors. Her inspiration results in a curation of custom pieces and personal expression that feels experienced and lived in. Outside of work, Cristina is a mom of two, has a French Bulldog named Thor and is a loyal friend, wife and maker of dreams.

Today Cristina joins us for Friday Five!

1. The Human Connection
I’ve admired Shani Crowe’s talent for turning braids into art since the first time I spotted her exhibit at SCOPE Miami in 2017. This particular image, “Above All,” resonates deeply with my love and fascination for human connection. Whether it be family/sibling love, partnership, or marriage, human connection is essential, even on the most basic level. And in return it can be one of the most powerful experiences lived.


Photo courtesy Earth Trekkers

2. Chilean Vineyards
I was born in the US, but traveled to Chile throughout my childhood. My husband and business partner, General, and I take our children to our beach house each year, which is an hour and a half from Santiago – surrounded by vineyards on the Chilean wine route. The classic backdrop of the Andes mountain range and the manicured rows of grapes remind me of being a child. Within the past decade, the number of biodynamic wine producers in Chile has more than doubled, as many of the Chilean regions have the idyllic climate to produce organic wines. A win-win for me!

ocean sunset

Photo: General Judd

3. Sunsets + the Ocean
During our vacations at our beach house, regardless of the weather, we’re always sure to catch the last glimpse of the sun setting over the Pacific from our front lawn. It’s become a tradition and highlight for our family over the years. But for me, there is nothing quite like roaring waves and ocean air to put things into perspective and recharge me.

model wearing boilersuit

Photo: Lacausa

4. Ethical + Sustainable Clothing
The notion of ethical and sustainable clothing versus fast fashion has been a practice in our home for well over a decade now. While I have my preferred brands like Lacausa in LA for their classic meets comfortable signature pieces, they also practice ethical manufacturing, partner with charities and give back. But these days we’ve found ourselves frequenting secondhand clothing shops and coming out with total gems.

lounge chair and ottoman

Photo: Espasso

5. Comfortable Lounge Chairs
This 60-year-old Mole lounge chair by Sergio Rodrigues, circa 1957, speaks wonders. Classic, timeless and comfortable! If only everything could stand the test of time and feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, the world might just be a different place.

Work by Me and General Design:

interior living space

SWICK Board 2.0 \\\ Photo: Claire Esparros

kitchen counter and backsplash

SO GOOD Wallpaper Collection with Wolf-Gordon \\\ Photo: Wolf-Gordon

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