Cuff Bracelet by MUJO

Cuff Bracelet is a minimal bangle created by New York-based company MUJO. The simple, plain cuff was one of their first launch products, and a big reason why they wanted to start designing jewelry in the first place. They loved the durability of the metal cuff style and it’s timeless design, but couldn’t find one that was well-fitting and well-proportioned.

From the beginning, fit was the emphasis of their cuffs. They noticed most products on the market featured an oval shape; however, the human wrist is generally flat on top. It was essential to capture as closely as possible the proportions of the average male (Large size) and female wrist (Small size) and then create a malleable design that could accommodate as many people as possible.

The designers iterated heavily on the ratio of thickness to width, added rounded corners to the ends for comfort, and introduced a slight bevel on all edges. In regards to production, MUJO cast and laser engrave all cuffs within New York’s Garment District. The cuffs are then hand finished and powder-coated in their Brooklyn studio. The cuffs are available in two widths, 4mm and 8mm, and in two sizes, Small and Large, as noted above. Currently, the cuffs are available in three materials: brass, recycled sterling silver, and a matte black powder-coated brass.

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