Curioos Die-Cut Prints Take Wall Art to a New Dimension

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Curioos Die-Cut Prints Take Wall Art to a New Dimension

Online art dealers have become a common sight/site for those seeking affordable sources for both established and emerging artists. And while art for the home is evolving alongside technology, not everyone is ready or willing to adorn their walls with a screen quite yet. There’s a cool in-between option available today: dimensional die-cut artwork.


Each limited run piece comes with wall hanging hardware, all numbered, signed, and shipped with a certificate of authenticity. A favorite: “Modern Wild 1” by Elisabeth Fredriksson.


Curioos die-cut prints sit somewhere between a traditional print and sculpture. Curioos uses dye-sublimation printing, a digital printing technology that transfers art work directly onto a .045″ thick aluminum sheet, then precision cuts the sheet into a menagerie of shapes, both literal and figurative. The results are prints which sit about .5″ off the wall and that cast shallow shadows as an additional element of the pieces themselves.

Curioos offers each piece in small, medium, and large options, the sizing unique to the specific artwork, so they’ll work in nearly any interior and are easy to mount onto the wall securely (a benefit of aluminum is its lightweight properties).


Curioos augmented reality app allows potential art collectors to preview a piece on their walls before pressing “buy”.




Prices for each piece start usually at $99, depending on size and intricacy of the die-cut.




Most importantly, Curioos’ catalog of global artists is expansive enough to probably offer something for anyone to find something they’d like on their walls. Most are playfully fun pieces, a few more sophisticated. Our preferences tend to lean toward the more geometrical and abstract, but we have to admit both the golden burger and Homer Simpson head die-cuts exude a surprising appeal.

Check out the Curioos full catalog of die-cut prints here.

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