Custom Banquette Seating Made Easy With the Luna Collection

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Custom Banquette Seating Made Easy With the Luna Collection

For designers wanting to add custom seating specific to the architecture of their space, whether it’s a hotel lobby, restaurant, or workplace, it couldn’t be easier to bring their plans into reality than with Luna. Visually, the modern banquette seating collection designed by Anthony Land for commercial furnishings brand Stylex is defined by its elegant curves and sculptural symmetry. Behind the scenes though, its most appealing feature is its customizability. Using Stylex’s design tools (CET and Revit), designers can specify their seating design to fit any space by conforming to the perimeter of a room or transforming an open area.

orange banquette seating around wall with built-in shelving

Luna gets its name from the half-moon shaped arm. The segments of the seating interlock using ganging brackets to form one continuous shape while the base options can be ordered as a plinth, with legs, or specified to integrate with custom built-in millwork. A variety of accessories transforms the seating to meet additional needs and preferences, including wireless charging trays, planters to add a biophilic element, and wood side tables in oak, maple, walnut, and black wood. Luna can be powered by a 3-prong plug if placed near an outlet or hardwired with power to become completely untethered from power sources. With endless ways to configure the collection, Luna invites collaboration and interaction in beautifully designed public spaces.

purple banquette seating area

banquette seating surrounding conference room

standalone red banquette seating

blue banquette seating in nooks

brown banquette seating with planters

orange banquette seating around wall with built-in shelving

blue banquette seating

green banquette corner seating

red and pink banquette seatings

wireless charging tray on blue seating

under mount side table on blue seating

seat mount table on blue seating

black seat mount table on blue seating

flush power outlet on blue seating

undermount outlet on blue seating

planter on blue seating

black and white photo of man's headshot

Anthony Land

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