Cut & Paste Wallpaper Collection by All The Fruits

04.22.14 | By
Cut & Paste Wallpaper Collection by All The Fruits

Never has wallpaper made me squee quite like All The Fruits new Cut & Paste wallpaper collection. I’m one of those people who has a hard time making up their mind when it comes to long-term commitment so the fact that this wallpaper is a mix of various colors and patterns makes my indecisive heart really happy. Unlike the usual wallpaper, Cut & Paste doesn’t have a repeat pattern so you don’t have to match edges and make sure each strip is aligned when you’re hanging it. Think of how much less waste you’ll have by not having to match patterns.


Each of the two collections (Pink or Blue) has a selection of colors and patterns that work well together but don’t necessarily match – meaning it’s really easy to hang and other decorating decisions won’t be so hard anymore!

Take a look at how one roll is put together:


Get your very own rolls here.





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