For The Cyclist: Your Bike’s Newest Best Friend

If you’re a cyclist looking for a stylish way to mount your bikes, Mike Bultje might have the perfect storage solution for you.





Bultje, founder of the Lignum Bike Company, owned four bikes and needed a way to store them (and their accessories) when not in use. He was unimpressed by the options available on the market (you know the ones, tension poles made cheaply out of metal with alien-like arms protruding out of the walls?). As an avid cyclist, he wanted to protect his gear as well as display them proudly, so he decided to fashion himself several designs. From there, the On The Wall collection was born.




Made in Canada from high-quality wood, leather, and brass components sourced from American and Canadian suppliers, these bike mounts are beautiful enough to take center stage in the middle of a room without taking too much valuable interior space. Unlike other bike mounts, these complement a room’s look rather than obtrude it.




Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they’re also strong enough to withstand regular daily use by even the most passionate of cyclists. Bultje designed the mounts to be both durable and safe in order to protect the inhabitants of a home and the bikes themselves.

If you’re ready to free up some space in your home or want to proudly show off your passion, head over to the Lignum Bike Company to purchase your bike’s newest best friend.

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