Day Nursery in Japan by Takeshi Yamagata Architects

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Day Nursery in Japan by Takeshi Yamagata Architects
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Day Nursery in Nakanosakaue is a minimalist interior located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Takeshi Yamagata Architects. The two-story day care center features expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing an abundance of sunlight to enter the 202 sqm space. Since the children are present for the majority of the daytime, the architects wanted to be sure that the studio maximized natural lighting.


The center has a capacity of 40 children aged up to five years old. The main room has high-ceilings that reach 3.6 meters in height, and is partitioned only by wooden furniture so that the children can sense one another. The partitions are also used for storage and have multiple drawers and hooks.

The upper level provides additional space to carry out activities that are difficult to perform on the lower level. It is also used as a quiet area for children to take naps, and for holding interviews and discussions with the parents. When not in use, the nursery staff can also use this space to take breaks and relax.




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