Deft Studios Delight + Excite With the Details of Its Cheeky Designs

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Deft Studios Delight + Excite With the Details of Its Cheeky Designs

It’s hard not to fall in love with South Africa-based Deft Studios’ cheeky furniture. One look and you’ll discover a cohesive collection that’s characterized by its playful designs, generosity in curves, and refined color palette. From larger furniture, like dining tables and media units, to small pieces, including wall hooks and side tables, Deft’s designs are modern, approachable, and not overly precious. After all, the studio believes in creating special pieces made for everyday life.

brown dining table with maroon bench and blue side table

Each piece seems to reveal delightful details the longer you examine it. The side table made of three columns is a fun nod to the abundant three-leaf clover, while the Kapstock is fresh take on the ubiquitous coat rack. Each piece is made to order using FSC-certified wood and non-toxic finishes, and packaged using recyclable and/or reusable materials where possible. Additionally, for every furniture piece sold, a tree is planted through Greenpop, a non-profit that seeks to better Sub-Saharan Africa through environmentally-conscious initiatives.

woman walking to dining table

rounded dining table with maroon bench seating

blue sideboard

maroon storage unit

maroon storage unit with one door open

corner detail of media unit

white, blue, brown, and green side tables

blue side table made of three columns

beige dresser with vases on top

detail of beige dresser

peach bedside table

detail of peach bedside table

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Photography by Marize Albertyn.
Architecture of home by Pinard Architecture.

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