Beckmans Students Design Products for Outdoor Living

Challenged with a brief from IKEA, students from the Beckmans College of Design created 13 different products meant for outdoor spaces around the world. During the 8-week course, students were to create products that are not only for the outdoors, but also for indoors as well. New Way Out made its debut this year at Stockholm Furniture Fair.


Cloud, designed by Märta Hägglund, lives up to its name. The comfortable seat can hold up to one or two people, and can be used indoors and out. The shape allows for the corners of outdoor spaces to be fully utilized. It’s made from stainless steel and metal, and has a washable cushion.


Rullo’s purpose can be left up to your imagination. Whether it’s a cart, cupboard, or box, this multifunctional piece by Aron Lidström can be used wherever and however.


Haze is a minimalist light and chair in one by Malin Berglund and Anna Sjöberg Haze. Its smooth silicone surface hides a base that is also a rechargeable light source. Want to make sitting a little more involved? Its rounded bottom gives the chair a rocking motion, making it a little more fun to sit.


Don’t like the constant need for cleaning when it comes to outdoor furniture? Sanna Gripner aims to solve that problem with Hölja, a chair with a collapsible base that also shields the seat from wear and tear.



Andersson by Isa Andersson is inspired by rattan furniture, but on a whole new level. Rather, than the traditional weaving of rattan, Isa created modern shapes and pattern that acts as a 3D signature for every room.


Elina Johansson created Mo(u)ld, an adjustable chair that fits to your needs. The height, angles and backrest can all be moved to conform to your body. The cushion is also made in a special fabric that won’t get discolored in bad weather.


Kristina Kruuna wanted to make bringing food and drink inside and out easier. Thus, Carried Away was created. Inspired by a classic tray, it has a high edge and tall frame, making it easier to tote back and forth.


Botten by Johanna Palm brings attention back to the floor. Taking inspiration from nature’s pebbles, it’s a wood-plastic composite that will add personality to any balcony.


Eff is meant to make use of extra room found on balconies. Designed by Sara Sjöbäck, it has an arched frame that can hold plants, a solar-powered lamp and even a folding table that seats four.


Cabinet by Tina Eklund is about a piece that is in perpetual motion. It is a low table that can be easily moved around, but also has pieces that are perpetually moving as well.


Façade, by Vera Panichewskaja, is a fun, graphic take on a room divider. Steering away from traditional rectangular shapes, this colorful, fan-shaped room divider can separate two spaces. Moreover, it can also hide, reveal, and accentuate different spaces, moving beyond the simple function of a divider.

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