Desktop Wallpaper: February 2018

We’re so excited to share that Portland-based artist Avery Thatcher of Juju Papers is our February guest on our Designer Desktop series. We’ve seen her wallpapers almost everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram (you probably have too). Each roll is printed by hand using water based inks on durable, sustainably harvested paper and every design has a playful, whimsical look that’s not too serious but not too saccharine either. “Not over-wrought or over-thought,” is how Avery puts it and we couldn’t agree more. Even the most pattern-adverse people could learn to love these bold prints because they completely transform a room without overwhelming it.

This month’s pattern is called Big Moon which features abstracted, calligraphic wave motifs that are inspired by the new wave of underground art and music that took over New York City in the 80s. The pattern also plays off a quote by Jean-Luc Godard, who said: “There are no new waves, only the ocean.”

Thatcher specifically chose “TAKE A CHANCE” in hopes that it’ll serve as a reminder for all creatives:

Artists and designers are constantly challenged to take creative risks and chances, which are both emotionally taxing and require a lot of hard work in order to pull off. Sometimes those risks produce successful work, and sometimes not, but you really can’t find out what you are capable of if you don’t take chances and work hard to see them through.

DESKTOP: 1024×768 \\\ 1280×1024 \\\ 1680×1050 \\\
1900×1200 \\\ 2560×1440

MOBILE: iPhone 6/7/8 \\\ iPhone 6/7/8 Plus \\\ iPad

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