Desktop Wallpaper: February 2022

We’re excited to switch up our desktops today with a new Designer Desktop featuring Netherlands-based visual designer Jerry-Lee Bosmans. We’re a huge fan of his colorful, abstract work which are simultaneously puzzling and soothing to look at. Currently, Bosmans is working on his daily visual studies, a project he’s been working on for the past two years with no plans to stop. The series, which you can view on his Instagram, revolves around color.

For this month’s desktop, Bosmans paired a simple quote by David Hockney that perfectly explains his ethos: “I prefer living in color.” Download below!

DESKTOP: 1024×768 \\\ 1280×1024 \\\ 1680×1050 \\\ 1900×1200 \\\ 2560×1440

MOBILE: iPhone XS \\\ iPhone XS Max \\\ iPad Pro

Learn more about Jerry-Lee Bosmans here.

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