DeskView Standing Desk Instantly Converts Windows Into Workspace

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DeskView Standing Desk Instantly Converts Windows Into Workspace

Walk into any creative studio or office these days and chances are you’ll discover someone has decided to forgo the traditional desk for higher aspirations. Standing desks are a common sight…but unfortunately due to the space they take up, usually also an eyesore. DeskView aims to eliminate this trade-off between form and function by improving how and where people work while standing up in a manner that purposely sucks (but in a good way).

The DeskView quickly converts an expanse of window into a minimalist workspace minus the clunky obstructions of other standing desk set ups. The “attach it anywhere” portable design frees users from the confines of perpetually facing toward coworkers, or worse, towards a wall. Instead, every large window becomes potentially a new workplace to enjoy the view while working from a standing position.

Designed in partnership with MINIMAL – the San Francisco/Chicago design firm founded by former Nike Global Design Director, Scott Wilson – the DeskView’s gravity-defying act is made possible by its use of aluminum components sourced from the aerospace industry. The resulting 6 lbs desk is combined with industrial-grade suction cups rated for a load capacity of 40 lbs when attached to a secure flat and non-porous surface (conveniently, like those windows everyone working from a high-rise vies to work next to). That’s more than sufficient for anyone working from even the largest laptop, alongside a phone, stationery, and/or a cup of coffee as a sidekick.

We wanted to create a desk that was lightweight, easy to install and ideal for both office work and personal use. DeskView incorporates all of these elements, while maintaining a sleek and minimalist design to add to its multiple uses. After 2 years of prototyping and testing, we’re proud to finally present DeskView and help users reclaim their windows. – Jason Grohowski/DeskView Co-Founder

The slim and lightweight design also makes it easy to change the view from one window to another, no tools required, resulting in a perpetually mobile workspace permitting a new view as desired.

DeskView’s Kickstarter campaign is offering an early bird pricing of $99 for desks finished with gloss white, clear, and bamboo surface finish tops, with an estimated delivery date of November 2017.

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