The Digital Hand: Where Technology Meets Craft

Technology, industrial design, and craft production are joining together in The Digital Hand, a design research project by Nate Asis. The mini collection consists of three physical objects that were created by the designer’s digital hand using rapid manufacturing technologies and motion tracking digital tools.


Using a Kinect, The Skeleton Table utilizes a user’s skeleton data. The perimeter of the table is modeled after the user’s head, hands and feet, and the table legs are modeled after the limbs of a user’s skeleton. The table is milled from hard maple wood and the legs are steel.


Also using a Kinect, the Dot Blanket is determined by the distance of a user from the Kinect. The user is broken down into pixels — the farther away, the smaller the pixel. The pixel pattern then determines the pattern of the blanket, which is made of wool.


Lastly, the Point Tray is a 3D printed vessel based on the actions of hands. Tracking a user’s finger motions, each interaction creates a translucent black circle in a recording. The pattern is then extrapolated into a 3D printing machine to create the tray.








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