DMTV Milkshake: Mark Grattan on Channeling Risk and Protecting Your Space

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DMTV Milkshake: Mark Grattan on Channeling Risk and Protecting Your Space

“Authenticity is my north star,” says designer Mark Grattan – founder and creative director of VIDIVIXI (it means “I saw, I lived” and references a Victor Hugo poem), consultant to Solange Knowles for her hyper-creative platform Saint Heron, and the much-lauded winner of the debut season of Ellen’s Next Great Designer earlier this year. In this week’s Milkshake, the usually Mexico City-based Grattan joins us from his sublet in New York City to share his thoughts on creative self-preservation, risks, and authenticity, and the links between them.

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“Authenticity is my north star because it fuels my work,” he says. “If I’m able to communicate things in a way that’s coming from my own, true voice, then I’m happy about it. It’s something that I pursue.” He connects his appreciation for authenticity to his mother’s capacity for risk-taking: “There are no risks without authenticity, and there’s no risks without bravery,” he says. It’s just something that comes naturally [to me]. That was something my mother passed to me. She was a risk taker. She threw caution to the wind a lot; she trusted the universe. She had a lot of faith, and I’m so happy that I’ve sort of been able to trust myself, and trust the world around me.”

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Also in this episode, we talk with Mark about the creative significance of moving his practice to Mexico City – giving him the headspace to work in his singularly sensuous, sinuous style, with High Glam finishes and super-sexy silhouettes. “Mexico gave me the opportunity and the time and the sort of relaxation to release – to finally have my voice, because this is not something that is easily attained in New York,” he says.

“New York is a very beautiful place. I think it’s very productive. I think it’s great for creatives – if you want to make a sale. But I think that’s where it stops. Big cities are great for selling. But they’re not a good place to be creative. I found that in Mexico. I didn’t even know I was looking for it, but I did.”

For more – including his perspective on safeguarding his creative headspace, and the rewards of being a loner – tune in.

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