Dock Tray by Alain Berteau

Dock Tray is a minimalist design created by Belgium-based designer Alain Berteau for Objekten. The design was presented at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. Objekten displayed its newest and greatest designs including this multifunctional accessory made for the iPad. Objekten produces its products in Europe, and is designed by well-known industrial designers such as Lehanneur, Willenz, and Berteau.


The focus on Objekten is to utilize quality materials while being aware of the shipping and manufacturing processes. With that said, Dock Tray is constructed of varnished natural oak or dark stained oak sourced directly from harvested forests in Germany. The multifunctional aspect of the design is unique in that an iPad, or similar digital device, can be propped upward by the indented crevices on all four sides, or also laid flat and flush with the border of the tray.

The iPad can be propped either vertically or horizontally, depending on which side of the tray is being used. The designer has also allotted additional storage in the middle of the tray to allow users to place phones, wallets, and other small accessories. As an advocate of minimalism, I truly love how simple yet functional a design such as this can be.








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