Drywall? Dry Furniture Takes On the Issue of Affordable Furniture

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Drywall? Dry Furniture Takes On the Issue of Affordable Furniture

What if we used more affordable, readily available materials in the construction of furniture? Drywall? Dry furniture. takes the common construction material – drywall – and applies it to a a stool, shelving unit, coffee table, and bedside table. Each piece is constructed using just three household tools: a craft knife, a ruler, and a bottle of PVA glue.

Jacob Marks and Esme MacGregor, currently students in Kingston University’s Product and Furniture Design course, were inspired by the thought of how expensive tools and materials can be for DIYers. This led to them experimenting with drywall for its accessibility, affordability, and ease of working with.

Composed of gypsum plaster between two layers of paper, the boards can be easily scored with a ruler and knife before being snapped by hand to build each piece. Each of the pieces in the Drywall? Dry furniture. series can be built in mere hours, lending new applications to the material while also giving more people the experience of making their own furniture.

The project Drywall? Dry furniture. is a concept but the designers have made the instructions available here so you can build your own at home.

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