Electronic Paper Rolls Up to Become an Adjustable Flashlight

08.29.17 | By
Electronic Paper Rolls Up to Become an Adjustable Flashlight

You don’t really think about a flashlight without the guts, do you? You know, the bulb, batteries, and other stuff that makes it come on at the flip of a switch. Nendo forgoes all of that by working with AgIC technology where you can print electronic circuit boards onto paper, film, and fabric by using silver particle ink. Using YUPO paper by Takeo, the same paper used for election ballots, nendo created the paper-torch flashlight.

Paper-torch comprises circuits printed on both sides of the paper with a cool checkered pattern, along with two button cell batteries and seven LEDs that were glued with a conductive adhesive. Depending on how tightly you roll up the paper, the light grows dimmer or brighter due to the varying path lengths of each LED. If you want a dimmer beam, roll the paper loosely. Brighter? Roll it up tightly.

Depending on which way you roll it, with the LEDs facing outward or inward, the light turns a warm orange color or a white color.

Stick the rolled up paper through lamp base with a top ring and you have a desk lamp. The paper is super durable and water-resistant so it will hold up to lots of uses.

Clip the paper together and hang it from the ceiling for a pendant light.

Photos by Akihiro Yoshida.

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