Escape to Mexico to Minimalist Luxury at Villa Tulum

If you’re ready to pack your bags and get away, you might want to check out Tulum, Mexico, and this rental that exudes minimalist luxury and maximum relaxation. Located in Aldea Zama, Villa Tulum is a few short minutes away from the heart of Tulum and the beaches making it perfect for those who want privacy without complete seclusion. The modern interior begins with white walls, floors and ceilings that create a calm, soothing backdrop. Black framed windows punctuate the white walls, while the furnishings boast clean lines and neutral hues for an elegant yet comfortable vacation retreat.

modern neutral living room with windows

modern neutral living room with windows

modern neutral living room with windows

The living spaces are stripped of extraneous details making the villa feel open and casual but it’s clear all the design elements were well thought out. Lots of windows and matching doors allow natural light through while framing views of the tropical greenery outside.

modern minimalist kitchen

Built-in shelving provides plenty of storage space in the kitchen and dining room for both necessities and decorative objects.

modern minimalist kitchen

modern minimalist kitchen

modern dining room with shelves

minimalist white hallway

Wooden objects and textured materials warm the interior spaces as not to feel stark.

modern bedroom

The bedrooms are furnished with just the basics with each being outfitted with a platform bed and single lounge chair.

outdoor bathtub surrounded by plants

One of the coolest features are the pair of outdoor soaking tubs. They’re attached to the exterior with plants surrounding them for privacy and relaxation.

rooftop deck

The pièce de résistance is the massive rooftop deck complete with multiple seating areas and dining spaces, along with a pool that will make visitors feel like they’re swimming on the treetops.

Villa Tulum spans almost 7,000 square feet and sleeps 8-10 people, and included in its price is daily housekeeper and concierge services. Before rushing off to book it, you should know it does come at the steep price of €1,901 and up per night. That’s roughly $2,252 a night, so you might want to grab nine of your favorite people to share it with! It looks worth it though, doesn’t it?

rooftop deck and pool

The pool deck is the perfect spot for watching sunsets every day.

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